We’re Passionate About Speech Therapy

Our Story

TikTalk was founded in 2015 by Israeli tech entrepreneurs Raphael Nassi and Bentzi Treger, who saw the potential for harnessing existing speech-recognition and AI tools and applying them in new ways. What if something as familiar as call-centre technology, which recognized people’s speech and gave automatic feedback, could be re-engineered to help kids who were struggling with speech in the first place?

After investing in several years of research and development, and piloting with a major HMO, TikTalk officially launched in Israel in 2019 and in North America in 2022, with an innovative platform that allows SLPs and the kids they treat to work together more dynamically and effectively.

TikTalk has a PCT US patent and is in the process of becoming the first company to clear regulatory approval as a digital therapeutic in the speech-therapy space.

Our Vision

We love kids, and we want to make their lives better. TikTalk is a mission-driven technology company committed to supporting schools, SLPs, parents, and kids. By making speech-therapy practice more innovative, engaging, and effective, our digital platform adds momentum to the therapeutic process. Kids can complete their speech therapy sooner—and busy SLPs can get to more of the kids who need help, faster.

To learn more about TikTalk and how our vision can benefit you, contact us today