We’re Passionate About Speech Therapy

Our Story

TikTalk To Me was founded in 2015 by Raphael Nassi and Bentzi Treger based on the idea that by harnessing the latest mobile and speech pattern technologies we can give patients easier and more efficient access to speech therapy. TikTalk To Me also has a PCT US patent and is in the process of becoming the first company to clear regulatory approval as a digital therapeutic in the speech therapy space.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide all children with access to the highest quality, most engaging, professional speech therapy with zero barriers. In the past, many children who needed speech therapy were denied services due to cost or logistical difficulties. With TikTalk’s revolutionary, fully digital therapeutic approach, we are in a position to serve virtually everyone no matter where they live and without any delays at the point of care.

Our Approach

Our approach is based on three core principles:

Reduce Costs

Using our unique, AI-based platform, we significantly reduce the cost of speech therapy and give SLPs the power to serve more children without sacrificing the quality of treatment.

Treatment at Home

Treatment at Home

Our TikTalk AI-based technology and interactive video games encourage children to practice more at home. SLPs guide and monitor home practice and the child achieves success sooner.

Community of Care

Continuity of Care

TikTalk’s platform enables the SLP to follow and monitor every practice session. The SLP easily guides, adjusts, and intervenes as necessary, even remotely.
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