Meet the TikTalk Clinical Team

TikTalk works with industry leaders that share our mission, educate our community, and provide insights that shape our platform. This group of practitioners, experts, and pioneers help guide our company to evolve, adapt, and support our unique approach to speech language therapy.

Clinical Team

Allyson Kranz, MHS, CCC-SLP

Allyson Kranz, MHS,

Allyson has been a certified speech language pathologist for over 15 years. She has experience in a variety of settings including pediatric hospital, school-based programs, and telepractice. She has also served as an adjunct instructor and supervisor in communication science and disorders.

Beth Douek, MS, CCC-SLP, USA

Certified and licensed SLP with over 20 years of pediatric experience. Expertise in pediatric speech and sound production disorders. Licensed in Maryland and Washington DC.

Dr. Gila Tubul Lavy

Dr. Gila Tubul Lavy, Ph.D.

Israel’s leading expert on Apraxia. Professor at Ono Academic College Phonetics, Psycholinguistics, Neurolinguistics.

Dr. Hanna Putter Catz

Dr. Hanna Putter Catz, Ph.D.

Senior speech and hearing clinician, an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of speech and language processing disorders. Head of the Department of Communication and Sciences Disorders at Ono Academic College.

Andrea Herson

Andrea Herson, M.A., CCC-SLP

With over 45 years in school systems and private practice, Andrea has worked with children with a variety of neuro-typical differences.

Sandra Laserson, MA CCC-SLP, USA

Certified and licensed SLP. Expertise in pediatric speech sound production disorders. Experience in clinical, school, and private practice settings.

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