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AI-based speech therapy company TikTalk2Me raises $1.5M

August 2, 2021

Avoid the Summer Speech Therapy Setback with TikTalk’s Tablet Training

May 26, 2021

While school’s out for summer in just a few short weeks, the typical recess regression in speech therapy progress can now be reduced with a new TikTalk app that kids ages K-6 can take on vacation or to sleepaway camp.

May is Speech & Hearing Month

May 23, 2021

TikTalk2Me is transforming personalized speech therapy in the digital realm with its new artificial intelligence-based TikTalk, a new program just released on Apple and Android tablet platforms

Artificial intelligence ramps up speech therapy success

April 27, 2021

‘Mastering skills requires constant stimulation and practice. Technology is the key to more focused, higher-intensity interventions.’

TikTalk interview with USA CBO Nir Gamliel on PCTV

April 18, 2021

The first personalized remote speech therapy system, TikTalk, is comprised of engaging games and customized practice programs that can accelerate speech therapy and facilitate customized training programs. Learn more about TikTalk in this interview with CBO Nir Gamliel on PCTV.

TikTalk is bringing AI to speech therapy

April 4, 2021

The Maryland company launched a mobile app that allows children to practice, and get feedback. It’s designed to help speech language therapists, too.

New TikTalk App Puts Speech Therapy At Your Fingertips

March 21, 2021

Does your child need extra help with their speech therapy services? While school and private therapy provide primary ways to practice and make changes, your child may need more. Here’s where the new TikTalk2Me app comes in!

New AI Speech Therapy System

March 10, 2021

TikTalk Features Unparalleled Treatment Personalization with Games and Remote Monitoring

Israeli firm TikTalk brings AI to speech therapy

February 14, 2021

The global market for speech therapists is believed to be valued at more than $60 billion, with about 40% of that in the US.

New AI System Accelerates Speech Therapy

January 25, 2021

Tiktalk, a new artificial intelligence-based (AI) system, can accelerate speech therapy with unparalleled lesson customization and innovative training for K-6-aged children using highly engaging video games to encourage more frequent home practice.

New AI Speech Therapy System “TikTalk”

January 17, 2021

TikTalk, a new, artificial intelligence-based (AI) system can accelerate speech therapy with unparalleled lesson customization and innovative training for K-6-aged children using highly engaging video games to encourage more frequent home practice.


Israeli company TikTalk’s speech therapy technology helps US students!.

September 27, 2020

The company is creating a tool for SLPs (speech language pathologists) to help and take care of kids with speech and language problem[s]


September 27, 2020

The time is NOW to learn how groundbreaking artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are changing the speech therapy paradigm!


For more information contact:

Nir Gamliel, U.S. Chief Business Officer

Phone Number: 240 401 9712



TikTalk Launches its Groundbreaking AI and ML Based Digital Speech Therapy Platform in U.S. to Transform Speech Therapy Paradigm

July 20, 2020

System empowers the Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) to access and accelerate speech therapy beyond clinic walls.

DC Finance Family Conference

March 8, 2020

TikTalk was pleased to be a part of this family office investors conference focused on impact companies that matched TikTalk mission and strategy.

TikTalk Workshop

March 8, 2020

TikTalk conducted 6 workshops last three months, where 130 speech language pathologists and students from Ono Academic College learned how to use TikTalk’s digital platform, making home-practice easier and more fun for children with speech-sound disorders.



ISHLA 2020 conference

February 15, 2020

TikTalk participated last February the yearly , We presented the TikTalk digital platform for speech therapy where it was received with great enthusiasm.

The TikTalk Experience video

February 11, 2020

Happy New Year 2020

January 1, 2020

Happy New Year from TikTalk!

We are sure that you will love using our digital platform in 2020.


Happy Hanukah from the TikTalk team.

December 25, 2019

Inaugural Certification Workshop

Inaugural Certification Workshop

December 11, 2019

Tel Aviv, Israel

TikTalk conducted its first certification workshop last week, where 15 Speech Language Pathologists from the “Maccabi” medical network learned how to use the TikTalk digital platform.

dHealth 2019

dHealth Summit 2019

December 10, 2019

Rishon Lezion, Israel

TikTalk is proud to announce that we have been selected from among 40 competing start-up companies to participate in the dHealth Summit.



December 3, 2019

Rishon Lezion, Israel

Come meet our CEO Raphael Nassi present at EDUTEXPO 2019 and “Lets TikTalk”

MarketReach America program

September 8, 2019

Happy to announce that TikTalk been awarded based on excellent growth and performance during the MarketReach America program and potential for success the Baltimore, Maryland area




TikTalk2Me Raised Post-Seed Round

July 15, 2019

Tel Aviv, Israel

TikTalk2Me, the first graduate of eHealth Ventures, a Leading Israeli digital health incubator, raises post-seed funding.