Being Thankful and a Welcome TikTalk Surprise

Thanksgiving. A time for gratitude. Grateful for my husband and daughters and my newly acquired sons-in-laws. Grateful for my extended family who brings me unconditional love and laughter. Grateful for health and the comforts we enjoy in our home. And especially grateful for a few days to slow down and relax in November and then again at the end of December. Grateful for an excuse to slow down. Ah……..

But I’m also grateful for work in spite of my occasional clamor for vacation days! Work that helps children communicate their desires, comments, experiences, and ideas. Work that gives children the confidence that they will be understood, but also that they can tackle challenges and master them. Work that brings peace into the home, the kind of peace that comes from fewer frustrations, fewer communication breakdowns, and even fewer tantrums.

I am truly grateful to be working in the dynamic field of speech-language pathology, where a welcome surprise is on the horizon; and where there is always a possibility to learn new ways to serve our students. TikTalk is that unexpected surprise. It’s as exciting to the SLP as it is for the children that we serve. But enough about work for now, it’s family time.

– Sandy