The TikTalk Pilot is Rolling!

I learned at a very young age while visiting my family in Lima, Peru, every year –that “the best things in life come on a tricycle.”  There I discovered my deep love for D’Onofrio ice cream, and the excitement I felt each time I spotted the ice cream man pedaling his yellow tricycle-freezer from around […]

TikTalk Welcomes First U.S. Cohort of SLPs

Back in the fall, my students and I discovered the TikTalk Trainer together.  They marveled at the games and the novelty of loving their speech practice.  I marveled at the ease of carrying my caseload, goals, stimulus pictures, and recording samples in one handy tablet and the novelty of them loving their speech practice! “You […]

Happy 30th License Anniversary!

These are the words that pinged to me from our family WhatsApp group, under a goofy photo of my son-in-law with my Ohio Speech and Hearing Professionals Board certificate pictured in the background. Covid-19 had brought my adult daughters and their husbands to our normally empty nest, with each one of us was working from […]

The Four Questions

My husband always teased me that no matter what time he’d come home from work, I had a certain number of words that had to come out each day.  It didn’t matter if he came home at 6:00 pm or 11:00 pm, -either way I’d have to get out a finite number of words before […]

Catching On

Everyone who knows me knows that I’m a bit of a TikTalk cheerleader, and that my professional aspiration is to be an “innovative, inspired, and informed” SLP.  In that vein I try to keep up on trends and articles related to my profession and drink in opportunities for continuing education.  With the large quantity of […]

Dismissal – Destination or Dilemma

Sometimes it arrives like a clear day.  You’re sailing through the waters of words, phrases, and sentences with a child; and one day as you walk together to the therapy room your heart soars.  He is chatting about his upcoming family vacation and you’re happily realizing, “It’s over.”  His error-free effortless spontaneous connected speech screams to you that […]

It’s All About the Experience

My daughter, age 27, had a manicure fail last week.  That is to say that while her nails looked gorgeous, the whole experience was a fail.  She and a friend went to one of those enormous “manicure factories” where an appointment isn’t needed, and the manicurist is never the same person twice.  I’ve found these […]

Turn the Page

Whenever I finish reading a book, I immediately go back and re-read the first page.  Only then can I put the book down with the sigh that comes with completion.   There’s just something that fascinates me about what’s presented on the first page, before the story rolls out, before the twists and turns are revealed; […]

Eight Reasons I’m Celebrating TikTalk (Chanukah, the eight-day Jewish festival of lights)

Wishing Happy Holidays to SLPs everywhere and hoping that we can use this time to enjoy our families and refuel for the coming year.  Since I personally celebrate Chanukah, the eight-day Jewish festival of lights, I present to you: Eight Reasons I’m Celebrating TikTalk Personalization!  With TikTalk, all speech therapy tasks are easily customized for […]

Mission Possible

James looks past me when we pass each other at school, as if I’m an unexciting piece of furniture in the hallway.  I’m not normally surprised by this.  Some of my students and especially past students are embarrassed to know the “speech teacher” in front of their friends.  The older ones in particular may even […]