Mission Possible

James looks past me when we pass each other at school, as if I’m an unexciting piece of furniture in the hallway.  I’m not normally surprised by this.  Some of my students and especially past students are embarrassed to know the “speech teacher” in front of their friends.  The older ones in particular may even […]

It’s Only the Beginning

Why did you choose to be a speech-language pathologist? The truth?  I’m sorry to say it’s not a compelling story, but rather what appears to be an anecdote of happenstance based on a chance encounter over 30 years ago.  I was an undergraduate student at the University of Michigan interested in pursuing a helping profession.  […]

The Au Pair

“So are you going anywhere for Winter Break?” I asked my brother and sister-in-law when we were finally in the same city for Thanksgiving. “Miami,” they answered with mild excitement. “Ooo, can we see Johana when we’re there?” said my nephew to his parents. My sister-in-law nodded and then explained that Johana had been their […]

Being Thankful and a Welcome TikTalk Surprise

Thanksgiving. A time for gratitude. Grateful for my husband and daughters and my newly acquired sons-in-laws. Grateful for my extended family who brings me unconditional love and laughter. Grateful for health and the comforts we enjoy in our home. And especially grateful for a few days to slow down and relax in November and then […]