Eight Reasons I’m Celebrating TikTalk (Chanukah, the eight-day Jewish festival of lights)

Wishing Happy Holidays to SLPs everywhere and hoping that we can use this time to enjoy our families and refuel for the coming year.  Since I personally celebrate Chanukah, the eight-day Jewish festival of lights, I present to you:

Eight Reasons I’m Celebrating TikTalk

Personalization!  With TikTalk, all speech therapy tasks are easily customized for each of our students.

Feedback!  TikTalk uses artificial intelligence to provide accurate, playful feedback when students practice at home; eliminating the burden and confusion for parents during home practice.

Fun!   Our students enjoy themselves and practice more frequently between sessions to shorten their therapy cycle.

Consistency!  No more therapy interruptions.  Our students practice in our absence and we can check on their progress.

Revenue!  TikTalk is a valuable add-on to offer parents in private practice and clinical settings and produce revenue for the private SLP or agency.

Flexibility!  TikTalk is used as a home practice tool, therapy tool, and even teletherapy tool depending on the needs of our students.

Portability!  We enter the SLP portal and make changes to caseload, target sounds, and levels from anywhere.  It’s also a lifesaver for SLPs on the go, especially those of us who travel between buildings or have to deal with unreliable therapy space issues at our work place.  No more lugging giant tote bags filled with toys from location to location.  All the fun we need to motivate our students can be found on a tablet!

Data Collection!  TikTalk records and stores speech productions and data making it a breeze to assess progress.  Not only does this inform our progress report writing; but now we can easily listen to our students’ recorded productions in our absence to make changes to the home practice regimen as needed.

Clearly there’s a lot to celebrate here at TikTalk.  May we have countless reasons to celebrate at home and at work during the coming year.  Happy Holidays!

– Sandy