Avoid the Summer Speech Therapy Setback with TikTalk’s Tablet Training

BALTIMORE… May xx, 2021 – While school’s out for summer in just a few short weeks, the typical recess regression in speech therapy progress can now be reduced with a new TikTalk app that kids ages K-6 can take on vacation or to sleepaway camp.

 “Parents and Speech-Language Pathologists (SLP) alike will be pleased that their children have had the opportunity to leave for the summer with pre-programmed targets they can practice.  The challenging, game-based lessons are remotely personalized to each child’s needs and monitored by their SLP,” says Sandy Laserson, a Cleveland SLP. “This is a great solution to help maintain their progress even if they’re not going to speech therapy during the summer months.”

 With TikTalk, for the first time, parents can download the new system on iPads and Android devices for practice anytime, anywhere; and their  private SLP can customize, monitor, and guide their program remotely.

 TikTalk aims to accelerate speech therapy with precise digitized lesson customization and innovative training for K-6-aged children using many highly engaging video games to encourage more frequent practice at home, on vacation or on road trips.

 “When you think of the monetary cost to parents and the emotional well-being of a child who continues to struggle with speech issues, TikTalk is a logical technology solution that kids will enjoy using,” says Nir Gamliel, U.S. head of business development at TikTalk2me, the company that developed TikTalk. “Our artificial intelligence based app can be downloaded onto a tablet and activated by the child’s SLP to benefit from futuristic therapy today.”

 TikTalk was developed to address the perpetual challenges that no two patients are alike, and insufficient progress is being made between therapy sessions. The TikTalk virtual therapy system was developed by SLPs for SLPs. It will save significant time for the SLP, motivate and engage patients for more rapid improvement, and make parents happy that their child is on the road to more intelligible speech.

 When students return in the fall, therapists can continue using TikTalk to monitor the child’s productions remotely, and can tweak the personalized program as needed.

 “Some apps are good for encouraging practice,” says Laserson, who helped develop TikTalk. “But I never knew how much practice was being done, how accurate sounds were being produced, and I had limited mechanisms at my disposal to personalize assignments nor report the success. TikTalk will help you do that. ”

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 About TikTalk2me

TikTalk2me, in Israel, with U.S. offices in Baltimore, is a digital health company that has developed an innovative, highly personalized speech therapy game-based practice tool that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning. The TikTalk system enables speech-language pathologists (SLPs) to accelerate speech therapy, encourage home practice and achieve superior clinical results. The company has received funding in Israel from eHealthVentures, Maccabi Health Fund and Shenhav Investments and is affiliated with the Maryland-Israel Development Center. For more information, contact TikTalk at 240-401-9712 or visit the website at TikTalk.care. TikTalk is a not associated with TikTok.  Connect with us via social media on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram