What are you doing for New Year’s Eve?

Our plan promises to be like none we’ve ever had.  We are holding a “party” with our grown kids in our family room.  Having arranged a personal live zoom concert with one of our favorite recording artists, Joshua Radin, we are pretending to be at one of our favorite live music venues in Cleveland, Music Box Supper Club.  Yes, we are engaging in pretend play, not much different than the preschoolers on my pre-Covid caseload.

I’m going deep with the theme:  Decorating the family room with sparkle lights and special seating for the family, mock Joshua Radin “tickets,” even cooking and serving food inspired by the Music Box menu.  It’s a happy plan.  No complaints.   We SLPs are more creatively adept than we ever thought possible at recreating ourselves, our endeavors, our work methods, and even our amusements under trying circumstances, both personally and professionally.

Between the planning, I approach the year with competing thoughts.  I look forward to the day when I can return to all that I treasure; experiencing the people, places, activities, and work that is calling my name from both the past, and hopefully the future.  A new year is not all about going back to what was; it’s also about moving forward to new beginnings and reexperiencing our past loves and lives in new ways.

Speech therapy has traditionally had a lot going for it in my opinionJ  Increasing skills and changing lives for the better.  And this year some of us had the benefit of TikTalk by our sides to reinforce at home the speech production skills learned in therapy.  It’s hard to believe what TikTalk has accomplished this year as the pilot results can attest.  For example:

-80% of the SLPs in the pilot reported increased length and frequency of practice

-89% reported a positive impact on progress

-80% reported an enhanced therapy experience, and

-80% would recommend TikTalk to parents, SLPs, and administrators.

Encouraging, yes!  However, TikTalk development never rests!

There are many fabulous new features and improvements on the horizon.  My personal favorites for February 2021 include:

-Teletherapy integrated with games and full SLP control

-More game choices to continue to motivate the children to practice

-Improved data collection and reporting features to simplify the SLP workload

And the list goes on….

I look forward to going back to what was, while embracing the future.  Wishing you a healthy, happy, new year filled with the best from your pasts, as you meet the joys and challenges of your tomorrows.  And by the way….TikTalk can help with those work challenges tomorrow;)

– Sandy