It’s Time!

To say that the month of October was a very exciting time for TikTalk would be an understatement.

Thanks to the inspiring Speech and Hearing Discussion Group of Greater Washington D. C. Metro Area, TikTalk held its largest seminar to date.  Nearly 70 SLPs virtually joined us on October 13, 2020, to learn about TikTalk, earn the TikTalk Level 1 Certification, and earn CEUs approved by the Maryland Board of Examiners for Speech-Language Pathologists.

After the seminar, 83% of the SLPs who treated pediatric speech sound disorders reported that TikTalk would benefit their caseload.

Add to that the good news that the seminar feedback was very positive!  Here are just a couple of sample highlights:

  • 96% agreed or strongly agreed that appropriate teaching methods were used to achieve the stated learning outcomes
  • 90% agreed or strongly agreed that they’d recommend the TikTalk seminar to a friend or colleague!

Yes, SLPs are consistently sharing that learning outcomes are achieved, the teaching methods and pacing is appropriate, the knowledge is current, and of course the enthusiasm is high!

A few days after coming down from all the excitement, I took some time to relax, kicked up my feet, and – you guessed it – paged through my ASHA Leader magazine.  An article about the newly established ASHA certification for SLP Assistants (SLPAs) caught my eye.  As you may have heard, ASHA is promoting the field of certified SLPAs in the workforce to enable SLPs to work at the “top of their license.”  This is a premise that has been floating around for years, although to date I’ve never actually met an SLPA nor an SLP who works with one.  The new ASHA certification will likely pave a path for more individuals to pursue becoming an SLPA, and for more SLPs to work alongside them.  This is intended to free the SLP in a sense, leaving more time and headspace to diagnose and interact with those patients whose needs are the most complex.  I read this, and once again the TikTalk light bulb lit up!

First, TikTalk itself also offers outsourced SLP-monitored practice.  Second, TikTalk is a perfect tool for an SLP/SLPA collaboration.  What better way is there for supervising SLPs to ensure that stimulus words are customized perfectly for children who will be practicing with an SLPA?  And what better way is there for SLPs to monitor productions and progress made with the SLPAs other than through the TikTalk portal?  With or without an SLPA, TikTalk is the answer.

Yes, the TikTalk trajectory in October points to the following:  If you haven’t yet taken the TikTalk seminar, it’s time!

– Sandy