Helping Children
Speak Clearly

A baby’s first word is a miraculous moment. Soon they will be talking up a storm, but what happens when speech development doesn’t progress as planned?

4 Million Children in the US
Need Speech Therapy

An untreated speech disorder can be devastating. When not dealt with in a timely and efficient manner, the effects can last a lifetime. Children with unresolved speech disorders are far more likely to deal with:

    Shame and

Anxiety and

Poor school

   low paying

Whole family

TikTalk can help!

Watch TikTalk in Action

TikTalk’s Digital Speech Therapy Platform

The TikTalk experience offers a profound new way to overcome speech disorders. Using interactive games and remote monitoring, TikTalk empowers speech-language pathologists to provide children with the fastest, most fun path to intelligible speech.

Benefits of TikTalk

Peace of Mind


TikTalk provides peace of mind by ensuring that your child will practice regularly and accurately at home. No more nagging.


Interactive Therapeutic Games

Exciting video games and voice recognition help your child improve speech from the comfort of home. Practice will feel like play!
AI Powered

AI Powered Feedback

Using Artificial Intelligence technology, the TikTalk platform listens to your child and provides accurate feedback.
Saves time & Money

Time & Money

With little-to-no travel and negligible work-life interruption, TikTalk lowers your costs and saves you time.
Access for All

Access for all

TikTalk’s teletherapy option provides access to speech therapy even to families in remote areas.

“Since my son started using TikTalk at home, he is practicing nonstop and enjoying every moment. It’s an amazing tool that allows my child to work on his speech clarity while playing games that he loves. Well done TikTalk!”

Ziv Radomsky

To schedule a demo or learn more about the TikTalk Experience, contact us today.  Learn how it can help improve your child’s speech.