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Therapy with TikTalk begins with an initial assessment by a certified SLP, who then defines the treatment plan and guides the child through therapy using the TikTalk Trainer as a supplement to face-to-face therapy. The child plays games at home while practicing the target sounds on the TikTalk Trainer. The therapist monitors and guides the child every step of the way.

No. TikTalk provides each child with a dedicated mobile device – the TikTalk Trainer.  It comes fully – and solely – equipped with the TikTalk platform. This means that there are absolutely no distractions when children practice on the TikTalk Trainer.

TikTalk’s interactive platform uses engaging video games and AI-learning algorithms to assist SLPs in the treatment of articulation and phonological processing disorders. While it is not specifically designed for the treatment of childhood apraxia of speech or hearing impairments, it may be an appropriate and useful tool for such cases in many circumstances.

The TikTalk solution uses engaging games with built-in, accurate, remote personalized feedback. This removes the need for constant feedback by a parent or therapist and motivates children to progress rapidly and complete treatment faster than with traditional methods.

The TikTalk state-of-the-art platform only addresses speech sounds as directed by the SLP. Having a different dialect or accent will not affect the treatment.

The TikTalk Trainer will “listen” to your child’s speech and immediately provide feedback indicating whether it was correct, close, or incorrect.  Your child’s SLP can listen to the recordings later too. No more worrying! 

Yes! We certainly hope so. The TikTalk Trainer is designed so that children can play games WHILE they practice.  There are different games to select from, so that children can choose the ones that they find the most appealing.

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