Spring Forward!

This time of year, many will be celebrating Passover, Easter, or even just the coming of Spring!

In my particular home we are in the midst of Passover preparations and especially the festive meal known as the Seder.

While trying to get motivated to clean and cook, I reflect on last year’s Seder for just a moment.

Last Seder, we actually felt almost as if a modern-day plague had descended upon the planet, and we hoped and prayed that it would indeed pass-over.

Last Seder we sang about freedom, while we ourselves were not feeling free – as we struggled to take care of ourselves and each other by foregoing our usual freedoms.

Last Seder, as we imagined the vulnerability of the Israelites escaping to the unknown, we ourselves felt vulnerable navigating the unknown.

Last Seder was like no other for many reasons to be sure, but especially because we came to our smaller tables cloaked in uncertainty and humility.

And now next Passover Seder is approaching!

Next Seder, we will still be clothed in humility and uncertainty, but this time….we are inviting Hope. And what better harbinger of hope is there than Spring and the holidays that come with it?

The late Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks described Passover as “the oldest and most transformative story of hope ever told…. It is the story of the defeat of probability by the force of possibility.”

We SLPs have learned over the last year to look at everything with a new lens and do our jobs in a new way.  We could not have ever imagined the creativity that we would be bringing to our telepractice over the past year nor the adaptations we would be making to our in-person therapy sessions.  SLPs were indeed in the trenches refusing to be defeated by probability while seizing the force of possibility.

My prediction is that the courage to take on the unknown will continue to embolden the field of speech-language therapy, and the TikTalk system will take us to unexpected levels of productivity, progress, and even profitability.



—the force of possibility

These universal messages embolden all that we do, and they will continue to inform our work and capacity for positive change in our field.  For many of us, the TikTalk system will be part of that transformation.

– Sandy