The Four Questions

My husband always teased me that no matter what time he’d come home from work, I had a certain number of words that had to come out each day.  It didn’t matter if he came home at 6:00 pm or 11:00 pm, -either way I’d have to get out a finite number of words before we turned in.  I’d laugh, because I couldn’t deny it.  I had to share my thoughts, my ideas, a story or two, my fears, and especially my questions before the day’s end.

Clearly these strange weeks of social distancing, while running an endless mini-family retreat, left even me speechless at times –and this carried into my blog-writing.  On the one hand the need for the continuity of treatment that TikTalk provides was becoming even more evident before my eyes, yet I couldn’t imagine writing nor anybody taking the time to read my words.

And now spring holidays like Passover and Easter are approaching, so familiar and yet so unfamiliar this time around.   Nevertheless, they bring just a dose of levity and the headspace for some professional reflection!

At the Passover Seder tonight, it’s a custom for the youngest child at the table to ask The Four Questions.  “Why is this night different from all other nights?” followed by four observations that point to the question above.  The initial “why” question will undoubtedly resonate this year.  However, on a lighter note, I present to you my TikTalk version of The Four Questions.  I am no longer the youngest SLP at the table, but here goes:

Why is this speech therapy tool different from any other tool?

 All other tools don’t give feedback at all; yet TikTalk uses Artificial Intelligence to provide feedback, any place at any time.

 All other tools don’t inherently nor materially increase practice time; yet with TikTalk, children practice more often and for longer, thereby shortening the therapy cycle.

 All other tools are combined to assist the SLP in limited ways; yet with TikTalk, one tool provides all the stimuli, motivation, and streamlined data collection needed in one portable device.

 All other tools reinforce the status quo; yet TikTalk changes the speech therapy paradigm so that all children will receive the help they need!

 No doubt our minds are swirling right now with unanswered questions.  What we do know is, with TikTalk’s help, our students will clearly and intelligibly express their thoughts, ideas, stories, fears, and even questions—and they will be comforted knowing that they are being heard and understood.

– Sandy