The TikTalk Pilot is Rolling!

I learned at a very young age while visiting my family in Lima, Peru, every year –that “the best things in life come on a tricycle.”  There I discovered my deep love for D’Onofrio ice cream, and the excitement I felt each time I spotted the ice cream man pedaling his yellow tricycle-freezer from around the bend.

Well, this time I am thrilled to announce that the U.S. TikTalk Pilot is also riding on three dynamic wheels in Maryland and Ohio.  Allow me to explain:

  1. SLPs are super-customizing homework, children are happily playing while practicing their speech sounds, SLPs are listening to their speech attempts remotely, and then re-customizing the homework accordingly.
  1. All the while, SLPs are sharing their needs as they pilot the TikTalk, TikTalk developers are making changes accordingly, and SLPs are seeing refinements reflected within the TikTalk platform.
  1. And amid all of this, the children are practicing their words, the words are processed by the AI algorithm, the TikTalk assessment capabilities are improving, and the children will benefit from a platform that will accurately assess their accuracy and fortify their practice.

This trilogy of cycles is what makes the TikTalk pilot so exciting and valuable to the process of delivering an indispensable tool to the SLP.

I’d like to extend special thanks to our piloting SLPs, each one of them doing their part to ultimately serve the speech therapy community through TikTalk.  We at TikTalk are grateful for their input, and children with speech disorders will be better for it.

I am no less excited for the arrival of the TikTalk updates from around the bend, as will be the children and their SLPs as they accelerate their progress and have fun doing it!

– Sandy