TikTalk Launches its Groundbreaking Digital Speech Therapy Platform in U.S. to Transform Speech Therapy Paradigm.

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System empowers the Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) to access and

 accelerate speech therapy beyond clinic walls


Tel Aviv, ISRAEL/Baltimore, MARYLAND. (July 14, 2020) – TikTalk announced this week the U.S. pilot and launch of its Advanced Digital Speech Therapy Platform, with the mission to transform the therapy landscape. The advanced system harnesses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to excite and accelerate the speech therapy process beyond clinic walls.  The platform includes a TikTalk Trainer gaming application linked to a robust SLP Portal, newly enabling SLPs to accelerate progress from afar. The necessity and benefits of the system are even more dramatic during COVID-19 closures.

The pilot will commence this month in Ohio and Maryland for final U.S. market product adjustments; and the system will be marketed in September, 2020, with nationwide availability early next year.  SLPs using the TikTalk system will provide their patients with increasingly efficient, productive speech therapy services; yielding shorter therapy cycles and eliminating waitlists.

  The product was featured this week at certification seminars entitled TikTalk Features and Methods for the Speech-Language Pathologist.  The well-attended seminars prepared Key Opinion Leaders in Ohio and Maryland for the U.S. pilot and launch, positioning TikTalk to serve children with speech sound disorders in collaboration with their SLPs, agencies, and schools.

“We at TikTalk are committed to partnering with U.S. SLPs to market game-changing technologies with unprecedented and sorely needed distance therapy solutions,” said Raphi Nassi, CEO.  “We had always endeavored to remove barriers of time and place for all children diagnosed with speech sound disorders.  The current environment makes it even more crucial.”

“We are excited to expand our presence throughout the U.S. and collaborate with SLPs to introduce these technologies to market.  SLPs are eager for technology to assist them in filling the treatment gap, and we are eager to meet that need,” said Nir Gamliel, U.S. Chief Business Officer.

About TikTalk

TikTalk uses advances in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to develop a multilingual user-friendly comprehensive Advanced Speech Therapy Platform, providing every patient with access to quality professional therapy with no delays at the point of care.  This medical innovation presents both a virtual professional assistant to SLPs and a motivating gamification system to children, thereby improving and accelerating treatment worldwide for millions suffering from speech disorders.