TikTalk Welcomes First U.S. Cohort of SLPs

Back in the fall, my students and I discovered the TikTalk Trainer together.  They marveled at the games and the novelty of loving their speech practice.  I marveled at the ease of carrying my caseload, goals, stimulus pictures, and recording samples in one handy tablet and the novelty of them loving their speech practice!

“You know, this is the only one in the United States,” I mentioned to Eddie, one of my older students, as the TikTalk powered up.

“What do you mean?  There’s only one game on it right now?”

“No, there’s several games.  I mean this is actually the only one in the country right now.”

“You mean there’s only one sound on it right now?”

“No, it has all the sounds.  I mean there really is just one TikTalk Trainer in the U.S. right now, and it’s in your hands.”

-And so we went back and forth, because it’s strange and unimaginable for anyone, young or old, to process that they are using a technology that no one else in the whole country has ever used.

Fast forward to today, I’m pleased to announce that TikTalk is no longer mine alone to experience in the U.S. with my private caseload.  I am no longer an SLP living on a beautiful albeit lonely TikTalk island.  This month marks the beginning of the U.S. pilot, and we’ve been very busy teaching the first cohort of participating SLPs the benefits and usage of the TikTalk Platform.  They are an extraordinary, articulate, and enthusiastic group; and together we will be refining the product to ultimately meet the needs of all U.S. SLPs who treat articulation and phonological processing disorders.

Having completed the online Level 1 Certification Seminar, “TikTalk Features and Methods for the Speech-Language Pathologist,” the piloting SLPs are armed with the “what,” “why,” and “how-to’s” of the TikTalk system.  Rest assured that it will be offered again free of charge for a limited time, so please reach out to us if you’d like a spot.

Our children have waited long enough for SLP technology and expertise to join forces to help them.  Thankfully I’ve been kicked off my lonely island, and TikTalk is on the way!