Turn the Page

Whenever I finish reading a book, I immediately go back and re-read the first page.  Only then can I put the book down with the sigh that comes with completion.   There’s just something that fascinates me about what’s presented on the first page, before the story rolls out, before the twists and turns are revealed; and how different that same page feels when all is known.  This is a strong compulsion of mine.  In fact, if I’m even present when someone else finishes reading a book, I demand that they immediately go back and re-read the first page for a vicarious thrill.  My husband and kids can attest to this.

As we head into the new year, I imagine coming back to these initial blogs a year from now.  How far will we have come toward realizing our hopes and dreams on communal, personal, and professional levels?  How precious it is that our SLP professional goals of ever increasing our effectiveness overlap with a parent’s personal hopes and concerns over their child’s wellbeing?

How will all our storylines look by this time next year, and how amazed will we be when we re-examine the present through the experiences we accumulate over the coming year?

We are all experiencing various stories and mine includes TikTalk as the new Speech-Language Therapy Innovation Liaison, MidWest.  The pre-TikTalk first page of December 2019 reads as follows:  It is Winter Vacation.  My students have a two- week break from speech therapy in December, and regular home practice is unlikely.  We’ll hopefully pick up where we left off after New Year’s Day or spend therapy time “bringing it back” if needed.

How different might this look next year with TikTalk in their little hands, holding the potential to keep the momentum going during the end-of-year cold leisurely weeks?

– Sandy